Does eating mangoes need a guide book? Do you need a personality quiz before you eat a mango? What makes you a ‘good’ Indian child (or adult) while eating mangoes? Bite into the book for mango masti, mango-based character building, mango recipes and even some mango math! The Good Indian Child’s Guide series takes things that are intrinsic to India and presents a tongue-in-cheek exploration of the subjects. Eating a mango will change forever!


  • The Good Indian Child’s Guide to Eating Mangoes is a fun and flippant guide to the king of fruits. Using a quirky guidebook format, Natasha Sharma showcases the many joys of eating mangoes, and reminds us of this essential, most delicious part of Indian food-culture.
  • There are many relatable moments in the book. It describes a kind of mango mania that is likely to be familiar to any child who has lived through an Indian summer. It also features ways of cutting, eating, and enjoying mangoes (like the ‘Mango Massage Method’) and a quick-fix aamras recipe that will delight young readers.
  • The book is made especially engaging by the perfect complementarity between text, pictures and design. The striking and simple use of a yellow-based colour scheme, and Shreya Sen’s toothy, bug-eyed, perpetually mango-stained human figures are particularly inspired touches. The liberal use of thought bubbles, speech bubbles, cartoon-style boxes, and a thick, dramatic font, make the book visually appealing and match the fun tone of the text completely.
  • The book emphasises playfulness and pure enjoyment. Rather than engaging a child’s intellect, it deals with fundamental pleasures like taste and touch, and revels in the many messy and hands-on processes involved in mango-eating.
  • There are instances when the book takes on an ironic tone. This kind of humour may be too interpretative and layered for the book’s target age-group, and feels like an indulgence on the part of the adults who have written and illustrated it.
  • The book is a little too long. While many sections are fun and entertaining, such as the list of mango varieties and the recipes, there are also parts which drag and extend the length of the book unnecessarily. For instance, the mango math at the end of the book seems somewhat redundant.


A perfect summer read that will leave its readers giggling and hungry for mangoes!


Author: Natasha Sharma
Illustrator: Shreya Sen
Language: English
Page Extent: 104 pages
Price: Rs. 399
ISBN: 978-9352777440
Publisher: HarperCollins, 2018
Subject Category:Picture Book/Humour/Mangoes/Summer
Age-group: 6+

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