Almost a thousand years ago, an Indian scholar called Hemachandra discovered a fascinating number sequence. A century later, the same sequence caught the attention of the Italian mathematician Fibonacci, who wrote about it. The Fibonacci sequence is fascinating as it is repeated many, many times in nature — in flowers, seashells, eggs, stars…


  • The Fascinating Fibonaccis is among Pratham Books’ STEM books collection; it breaks down a complicated mathematical concept for young readers. This book is free to read, download, print and repurpose from in multiple languages.
  • Numbers can be scary for many youngsters, but this book shows readers how fascinating they can be — not just in themselves, but in number patterns.
  • The Fibonacci sequence is arguably one of the most fascinating of number patterns, and its preponderance in nature has captivated scientists and artists alike. This book demystifies an abstract concept for middle readers and then entices them to explore its everyday applications in life around them. Even most adults find it difficult to comprehend the Fibonacci sequence—all of them are advised to read this book!
  • Clear, graphic illustrations both of mathematical concepts and its occurrence in nature add to the book’s appeal.


Curious minds of all ages are going to love this book, which presents a complex mathematical idea in a deceptively simple manner.


Author: Shonali Chinniah
Illustrator: Hari Kumar Nair
Language: English
Page Extent: 24 pages
Price: Rs 45.00
ISBN: 978-93-8634–602-5
Publisher: Pratham Books, 2016
Subject Category: Fiction/Picture book/Mathematics
Age-group: 9+

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