Meet Rosie Singh, an eight-year-old who still wears bloomers, and now the whole world knows about it. There’s no way Rosie is ever going back to school. But does this mean she has to give up all hope of ever becoming super famous one day? So, Rosie goes on a mission — to find new role models, the who’s who from the world of school dropouts.


  • The book is about Rosie Singh – an eight-year-old for whom trouble begins when her skirt accidentally falls off in front of her entire class and now everyone knows she wears bloomers! How she copes with this situation, especially the mockery and jokes she is subjected to, forms the crux of the story.
  • Rasil Ahuja captures the fears and insecurities of an eight-year-old with precision. It’s that age when judgement of one’s peers starts to become larger than life and being embarrassed before them can seem like the worst catastrophe ever.
  • This chapter book is an easy read, and the spaced-out text makes it non-threatening for reluctant readers. Plus, there are pictures, which is always a draw for readers of this age. The notebook-type layout, however, doesn’t add anything to the narrative.
  • The illustrations are cute, but one expects more, especially now that the bar has been set high by artists like Shreya Sen, Sunaina Coelho and Priya Kuriyan among others, whose pictures tell stories over and above any written words.
  • Ahuja’s writing in places is confusing when it jumps across time. Simply using the past perfect tense might have made things clearer.
  • The premise of the story is somewhat disturbing though, centred as it is upon a young child being shamed for “exposing herself” to her class. While Rosie’s embarrassment at flashing her underwear is adequately explored, the shame that she is made to experience is never addressed. All it needed was for one adult to say that it was no big deal; but nobody does, and eventually Rosie apologises to her class for her “behaviour”.


While the book shows us how the protagonist copes with her wardrobe malfunction, it is hard to recommend a story in which a little girl faces some kind of gender-based shaming and policing, especially since it doesn’t reassure her that she wasn’t wrong in the first place.


Author: Rasil Ahuja
Illustrator: Gyaneshwar Konjenbam
Language: English
Page Extent: 144 pages
Price: Rs 199.00
ISBN: 978-0-143-42854-1
Publisher: Puffin, 2017
Subject category: Fiction/Chapter book/Growing Up
Age-group: 8+

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