When Lori, a curious and wide-eyed slender loris, spies a bewildering catlike figure in the fading light of the evening, she instantly becomes obsessed with finding out what it is. So she teams up with her friend Don Wrongo, the crafty racket-tailed drongo, to look for the elusive animal. Packed with a bunch of other animal characters, this story is a full-filled romp through the forest, and a journey of friendship and self-discovery.


  • The book tells the story of Lori, a curious slender loris, who spots a cat-like creature in the forest and is determined to find out what it is along with her trusty drongo-friend, Don Wrongo.
  • Prabha Mallya’s black-and-white illustrations are stunning, and one is likely to pick up the book for those alone. The use of black, white and grey backgrounds for the text gives this book a wonderfully mysterious look.
  • There is a fascinating array of animal characters in the story, all of them with clever, interesting names — perhaps some of them too clever for young readers.
  • Kartik Shanker’s knowledge of the world of animals and the mysteries of the forest is clearly vast, but it doesn’t quite translate into a gripping narrative for the early tween age-group. The pacing is slow and the turn of phrase in places isn’t child friendly.
  • There is clearly a lot of information on the environment and wildlife packed in, but there is little urgency in the story, so nothing to sink your teeth into.


Young naturalists will be fascinated by this inside view of life in a forest, but as an adventure novel, it fails to thrill.


Author: Kartik Shanker
Illustrator: Prabha Mallya
Language: English
Page Extent: 136 pages
Price: Rs 199.00
ISBN: 978-0-143-42928-9
Publisher: Puffin, 2017
Subject category: Fiction/Story book/Mystery/Wildlife
Age-group: 10+

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