Ghosts don’t exist, or that’s what Arundathi believed — till she became one. And that was just the beginning. When a terrible accident sends Arundathi into the netherworld, she is forced to make a choice to be good or bad for the rest of her afterlife. What ensues is an adventure involving eccentric companions, familiar faces, old memories and, maybe, redemption.


  • Sanjana M. Vijayshankar opts to explore the eternally intriguing question of what lies in the afterlife in this quirky YA novel.
  • The sarcastic humour running through the story is certain to tickle teenage funny bones. It is interesting to see the novel’s premise, which is not a new one, being explored in different ways.
  • The novel’s biggest flaw, however, is its plot. The good (God) versus evil (Satan) storyline is overly simplistic and there is no attempt to introduce any nuances. Halfway into the story, we already know Arundathi is going to choose the good side. One hopes for a twist, but there is none. There is even a cringeworthy duel between God and Satan. No marks for guessing who wins.
  • The story is replete with coincidences. Pretty early on you are required to suspend all disbelief in order to continue reading. Arundathi’s back story, for instance, is quite absurd.
  • The characters begin to sound alike after a while. Even the sardonic humour of the first-person narrative starts to wear thin when more or less everyone speaks the same way.
  • The production quality is uneven — overall, the book has a neat, professional look, but the cover has a self-published template-y feel to it; also, the protagonist’s name is misspelt twice in the blurb.


Teenagers who enjoy reading dry humour but are not too hung up about plot or characterisation will find this a quick and entertaining read.


Author: Sanjana M. Vijayshankar
Language: English
Page Extent: 308 pages
Price: Rs. 195.00
ISBN: 978-81-291-4453-9
Publisher: Red Turtle, 2017
Subject category: Fiction/YA/Humour
Age-group: 13+

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