Loving, weird and wacky. Practical, stern and fiercely protective. Best cook, skilled seamstress and healer of hurts. Grandmothers are a treasure!

Grandma Tales is an anthology of true tales and anecdotes about grandmas.


  • A collection of stories and anecdotes about grandmothers, from a variety of contributors, ranging from writers and editors to educators and students.
  • Some of the anecdotes are sweet and touching…
  • … but there are others that are ordinary, which makes the quality of the stories in this collection rather uneven.
  • One particular story, ‘Gagru and Gagri’, dismisses domestic violence with a tame “You were both wrong… I do not blame you”. It ought not to have made its way into this collection.
  • Better illustrations would have added to the appeal of this anthology.


A collection of stories and memories about grannies is a lovely idea, but this one has not been executed well.


Editor: Lalita Iyer
Illustrator: Vidya Gopal
Language: English
Page extent: 176 pages
Price: Rs. 250.00
ISBN: 978-93-5275-165-5
Publisher: Scholastic, 2017
Subject category: Fiction/Anthology/Grandparents
Age-group: 10+

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