So okay, I’m a monster.
But look what I have to deal with–my brother is a frightened little freak, my father is selfish and ill-tempered, my mother is an ignorant doormat and my friends are just plain irritating. And I’m in a prison surrounded by them all, with nowhere to escape.
People insist on seeing the worst in me. So, I show them the worst.
But one day, something happens … and suddenly I see what these relationships and people (however annoying) mean to me. I’ve been a monster for such a long time now, I’ve almost forgotten what it’s like to be human.
What if it’s too late?


  • A rare young adult novel with a disabled protagonist.
  • The narrator is a complex character, the author making a brave choice of making her unlikeable.
  • A story about a character with a disability rather than being about her disability.
  • The absence of a forced romance angle is a welcome change for a YA novel.
  • Some insight into the protagonist’s struggles with disability might have not gone amiss.


The usual story of the angry, rebellious teenager, but with a twist.


Author: Nandhika Nambi
Illustrator: NA
English, 184 pages, ₹ 295.00
ISBN: 978-93-83331-81-9
Duckbill 2017
Subject Category: Fiction/Growing Up/Disability
Age-group: 13+

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