I am writing this with my editoramma breathing fire and brimstone down my neck! I am late with this review and clearly I have learnt nothing about developing the discipline needed for success as outlined in the book I am about to review.

That said, the book The Superhero Soul: Quest for Inspiration, Happiness, Success and Greatness is really not to blame. It lays out in a very orderly and methodical fashion the path to understanding your calling and presents a road map to fulfilment and success.

The book contends that while everyone has the potential to succeed, only a few realise their dreams. Most others live out their lives in a mundane fashion not really feeling fulfilled, nor contributing to the larger pool of humanity.

The secret, the book says, comes from reconnecting with the source – by finding out who you really are and what your passion is. Then there are steps to move towards realising the passion, sustaining it, and above all, by one’s fulfilment, contributing to the greater good of humanity.

Almost in the beginning, the author says, “There is nothing new that you’re going to learn from this book.” Indeed, most of the suggestions (and even the treatment – quotes and inspirational stories spread throughout the book) have quite a ‘I’ve seen-this-before’ quality. There is also the fact that the book is clearly speaking to adults – for instance, in his conclusion, the author remarks that, “As adults we have become abnormal. We have lost our way and relationship with life!” Also, most of the examples in the book are for employees and entrepreneurs, so I am not really sure this book was particularly meant for young adults.

Still I can see that, as a whole, it will appeal to children who are thirteen years and older. School-going kids at that age are beginning to look to the future and make plans; those about to go to college are really looking to seek clarity on the road ahead. This book would serve them well, particularly since it is immensely practical. The author doesn’t suggest you go off into the mountains to find yourself; instead he recommends you make goal lists. It gives structure and action points to help the teenager make sense of his goals and aspirations, and most importantly, it reads well while doing so.

I, for one, am now going to follow its formula if only to deliver my next piece on time and be seen as a successful reviewer. I won’t even ask the editor for brownie points. Just brownies will do nicely, thank you very much!

By Lubaina Bandukwala

Author: Dilip Bathija
140 pages
Rs 399.00
ISBN: 978-9385936012
Bloomsbury, 2015
Subject Category: Contemporary/Non-Fiction
Age-group: 13+

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