About Goodbooks

Goodbooks.in is a website that exclusively reviews, discusses and critically engages with Indian children’s books. The focus of the site is to create a space that is a one-stop for educators, parents, librarians, research scholars and students of children’s literature and children’s publishing to get an overview of Indian children’s literature and to find good children’s books through reviews.

The site has an invaluable archive of reviews of and articles on Indian children’s books provided by The Book Review Literary Trust which brings out The Book Review, a monthly journal. Since 1976 the journal has carried reviews of children’s books and articles. Later they were published as a special children’s issue published every year on Children’s Day on November 14th.

The site features reviews of books for the age group 3 to 16 years. It also carries articles on children’s literature and publishing for children, including those published in The Book Review from 1976 to 2011. This specialized content makes it a very valuable source of information on Indian children’s books for parents, teachers, librarians and research scholars. While most of the books reviewed will be those written in English, the plan is to also include reviews of books in other Indian languages.

The site aims to promote the reviewing of children’s books in a professional manner, which will enhance the understanding of what constitutes good children’s books. It is our belief that this will create awareness about the role of good books and reading in a child’s life and encourage the use of books in schools and homes. This will also, we hope, promote the building of libraries in schools and communities.

The Goodbooks Trust was set up in 2003 to facilitate the dissemination of information about children’s books and teaching-learning materials. Its activities include setting up teaching resource centers and libraries. Goodbooks.in is supported by Parag – An Initiative of Tata Trusts.

Goodbooks also gives out The Hindu Young World-Goodbooks Awards for Indian children’s books in association with The Hindu Young World. The purpose of these awards is to promote excellence in children’s writing and illustration in India and to acknowledge innovative publishing trends.

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“For a teacher or librarian faced with dozens of books to read, a good book review website is as essential as maps are for geographers.”

Anil Menon - Writer

“Indian children’s books rarely get the kind of publicity they deserve in the popular or social media. Websites like Goodbooks plug the gap by not letting a single Indian children’s book of merit slip through the cracks. Most people would not even know about the books available in the market if not for a resource like this.”


“Book review sites like Goodbooks are a wonderful resource for locating theme-based or issue-based children’s books to enrich the learning experience in the classroom and at home.”

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