We open this week’s roundup with something to mix things up a little. Here’s a link to a YouTube video recording of a recent talk at the India Habitat Centre in Delhi. In this session, Mridula Koshy, known best for her work on the Deepalaya Community Library Project, and Sanjoy Roy from the organization Teamwork, discuss why India needs to make a concerted effort to rejuvenate our libraries.

Catch up on this interview in The Indian Express with Duckbill’s editors Sayoni Basu and Ansuhka Ravishankar, in which they talk about the Duckbill hOle Books, and how they hit upon the formula of targeting readers in the transitional reading age between picture books and chapter books.

Here’s another interview, this time with illustrator Priya Kurian. Kurian discusses what it’s like to illustrate non-fiction texts, and the kind of research that goes into making sure her pictures are factually accurate. Read this fascinating piece here.

For a dose of nostalgia, here’s a piece on the creations of Savio Mascerenhas, the mind behind such immortal cartoon characters as Suppandi and Shikari Shambhu. In this conversation with The Hindu, Mascerenhas talks about how he came up with his ideas, and how he ensures that their charm and originality endure.

And finally, some food for thought in this lovely article in Lit Hub. The writer talks about why inclusivity in children’s books is not merely about making trendy “woke” political statements, but about making sure that readers feel represented in the books they grow up reading. Happy reading!

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