A little chokli, a stray puppy, wanders into a muddy rain puddle one day… From then on, he can’t stop himself from enjoying the icky, sticky, scratchy feeling!  What he enjoys even more is telling tall tales about himself! With happy, whimsical illustrations, this small book about a big-talking dog celebrates smart and spunky choklis everywhere.


  • The Grand Story of Ikli Chokli is about a little puppy called Ikli who has a great love for puddles of all shapes, sizes and colours. The story follows him from his days as a puddle-obsessed puppy to his comfortable retirement in a dog shelter, where he tells all the little puppies stories about how naughty he was when he was young. This is a light-hearted chapter book about a fun-loving dog.
  • An animal-centric storyline is always welcome, and The Grand Story of Ikli Chokli has an all-dog cast of characters, which will appeal to young readers who enjoy reading about animals or have pets.
  • Rajiv Eipe’s illustrations are comical and tender. The dogs’ wide range of expressions, and their various animal mannerisms are delightful to look at and bring a lot of lightness and humour to the book.
  • The story, however, doesn’t really have a plot holding it together. It is centred on the idea that Ikli really likes to get dirty in puddles, but this idea never builds into something more focused.
  • The writer doesn’t give us a sense of the characters either. Even Ikli is not a well fleshed-out personality, and we know little about him other than that he likes talking about himself. The supporting characters – his mother, his siblings, and the other dogs around him – are sketchily portrayed and their presence in the story doesn’t really make a difference to its final impact.


While its lovely illustrations will charm any reader, especially dog lovers, The Grand Story of Ikli Chokli is let down by its writing style, which lacks bite!


Author: Vinayan Bhaskaran
Illustrator: Rajiv Eipe
Language: English
Page Extent: 48 pages
Price: Rs 165
ISBN: 978-93-86667-80-9
Publisher: Tulika, 2018
Subject Category: Fiction/Chapter Book/Dogs/Adventure/Humour
Age-group: 7+


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