To conjure up the charming Mr. Brungle, a coven of witches stir up The Great Brungle Stew. For this they toss in a lounge of lizards and a mischief of mice and a quiver of cobras among many others. Do they succeed?


  • A Tangle of Brungles is a verse storybook about three witches who are cooking up a potion to summon Brungle, a creature whom they have decided they will marry. Through a description of the potion and its contents, the writer introduces the reader to an array of collective nouns.
  • This picture book is both inventive and funny. The storyline is simple and original, but the narrative style, and the creative use of collective nouns makes it an engaging read.
  • The book is most delightful for the way in which it uses words. The nonsense verse-style narration, filled with silly rhymes and fun words, is rhythmic and great to read aloud. The text manages to highlight the interesting collective nouns cleverly and effortlessly, ensuring that they are woven into the plot and do not seem incongruous. Almost every page of the book contains a charming new phrase: “a parliament of owls,” “a bind of eels” and of course, “a tangle of Brungles”!
  • The illustrations are detailed and rich, and will especially appeal to readers who have a leaning towards fantasy. The witches and all the animals around them are beautifully drawn, and echo both the humour and other-worldly quality of the story.
  • The colour palette of the book is a bit dull and dark, and becomes somewhat monotonous after a point. In some instances, the dark background also makes it difficult to read the printed text – particularly on the page that contains the witches’ song.


A Tangle of Brungles is a wonderfully told verse story, jam-packed with beautiful words and phrases and topped off with a good dose of humour.


Author: Shobha Viswanath
Illustrator: Culpeo S. Fox
Language: English
Page Extent: 40 pages
Price: Rs 399
ISBN: 978-81-8190-360-0
Publisher: Karadi Tales, 2018
Subject Category: Fiction/Picture Book/Witches/Poetry/Collective Nouns
Age-group: 7+

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