This is a book about animal poop! Meet jellyfish, lions, penguins, bees, and lots of other creatures who all have their own special way of pooping – or using poop.


  • The Poop Book takes readers through the different ways in which animals poop and make use of their poop. Featuring everything from bees and aphids to elephants and hippos, this book is packed with lots of fun facts about poop and its role in the food chain.
  • It will appeal greatly to animal and wildlife lovers, as well as to toilet humour enthusiasts! Its attention to details of poop sounds, smells, and textures will be an immediate source of delight to young readers. But the book uses this appeal cleverly – rather than simply pandering to the child’s love of all things gross, the writers introduce many interesting and obscure nuggets of information. For example, tree shrews poop into pitcher plants or vultures poop and pee on their legs to keep cool!
  • The book’s colourful, paper-cut illustrations by Priya Kuriyan are a major plus point. The animals and their sheepish mid-poop expressions are the perfect accompaniment to the playful text.
  • A simple but sweet bookmark made of elephant and rhino poop literally ‘poops out’ of the book for readers to use!
  • The book has some minor design flaws. The choice of a relatively small and thin typeface used alongside the busy and detail-heavy illustrations makes the pages a little difficult to go through, particularly where reading the text is concerned.
  • Every page of the book features a small illustration of a pair of children who listen to the animals talk about their poop and respond with little poop-related wisecracks. These don’t particularly add to the quality of the book, but they do worsen the problem of visual clutter on the pages.


A wonderfully illustrated and info-rich foray into the world of animal poop, which is likely to leave readers whooping with laughter!


Author: Tejaswini Apte-Rahm, Sujatha Padmanabhan
Illustrator: Priya Kuriyan
Language: English
Page Extent: 28 pages
Price: Rs 100
ISBN: 978-8187945789
Publisher: Kalpavriksh, 2018
Subject Category: Non-Fiction/Picture Book/Nature/Animals/Humour
Age-group: 6+

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