SOO MUCH WORK!!: Aarav’s grandparents are both asleep, but Aarav is not sleepy yet. So he decides to rearrange his mother’s clothes cupboard. What exciting things does he find inside?

OOPS!!: Aarav’s mother gives him an umbrella. But it’s not raining! What games does Aarav play with his umbrella?


  • Sooo Much Work!! and Oops!! are charming, light-hearted accounts of the little things a child does to keep himself entertained through the day. Author Madhuri Purandare explores Aarav’s imagination and simply but humorously depicts the home as it appears to him.
  • The books are brief and easy to follow. By setting them in Aarav’s home, and surrounding him with common household objects, Madhuri Purandare tells stories that children will naturally identify with.
  • The books are illustrated beautifully by the author herself. The colour palette is gentle and the detailing in each frame is careful and heartfelt. They tell the story even more richly than the text. The pictures are evocative portraits of a house that is inhabited by a young child, his mother and his grandparents.
  • Board books are typically quite expensive, and not very widely produced in India. Jyotsna Prakashan, the publishers, have done a commendable job of bringing out attractively-priced books in the board book format.
  • One gets a sense that some of the humour or lightness of the text has been lost in translation. In some instances, the text reads a little too flatly and literally to match the playfulness of the illustrations.
  • Some aspects of the production could have been improved upon. The font, in particular, is quite difficult to read and distracts from the illustrations on the pages.


Sooo Much Work!! and Oops!! are delightful reads from a Bal Sahitya Akademi-winning author and illustrator. They represent a significant foray into the area of inexpensive board books for our young readers.


Author and Illustrator: Madhuri Purandare
Translator (from Marathi): Rama Hardeekar-Sakhadeo
Language: English
Page Extent: 12 pages each
Price: Rs. 100.00 each
ISBNs: 978-81-7925-567-4/978-81-7925-5566-7
Publisher: Jyotsna Prakashan, 2018
Subject category: Fiction/Board Book/Childhood
Age-group: 2+

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