Has Indian YA come of age? We’ve been asking that question for so many years that it’s become a habit. So much so that we’ve stopped looking for an answer. In the latest issue of Torchlight magazine, Bijal Vachharajani goes in search of enlightenment.

Cute and furry animals are, of course, a perennial kiddy favourite. While bunnies, kittens and puppies get plenty of page space, owls are a somewhat unrepresented species. Yet baby owls are arguably some of the cutest creatures on this planet (they can get a bit creepy when they grow up, or maybe that’s just me). And since Harry Potter, a pet owl is probably something a lot of kids, and a few adults, covet. Anmol Dham lists some cute, fuzzy owl-themed books in The Indian Express‘s parenting column for kids who love owls.

While we don’t review international books on Goodbooks, we love all good books, irrespective of where they come from. One such is Stories for Boys That Dare to Be Different by Ben Brooks. We often gloss over how patriarchy harms boys and men too, forcing them into an idea of masculinity that is narrowly defined, and shaming those who need to be “different”. Devishobha Chandramouli from Kidskintha tells us more about this book, which reassures young children, irrespective of gender.

And to round up this time, another book about exclusion. Shabnam Minwalla’s When Jiya Met Urmila (snapshot review coming soon) touches subtly on the divides of caste and class that we practise rigidly and unquestiongly in our society even today. Read about the author’s journey in bringing this story to life.

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