What do piglets and toddlers have in common? Leaving various uncomplimentary things aside, perhaps sticking their noses into everything in sight would be on top of the list. For those of us who have (or have had) young children in our lives, Peppa Pig is likely to be a familiar name. But apart from keeping the kids entertained, one Indian mum found that this animated show had taught her a few things about parenting as well.

Reading may be an isolated activity, but in book-loving families nothing binds stronger than reading together. The writer and fimmmaker Samina Mishra traces a bookish journey of discovery, imagination and wonder that she and her son embarked on together over a course of 16 years.

They say that reading aloud to children is a sureshot way of building bonds—with the added benefit that you might just end up raising a reader. But where does one start? Well, there’s no right or wrong way about it—in fact, one is reminded of an episode of Call the Midwife where the GP Dr Turner is reading an issue of Lancet to a newborn who defies the odds by surviving. On a more practical level, here are 10 books to start reading to your youngster, curated by a parent.

Though reading aloud might be fun for young and old alike—and yes, older children too benefit from it—it certainly isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. There are many kids who would rather read by themselves. The well-known children’s author Natasha Sharma has a few recommendations in this regard, a small but fun collection of reads for those who are eager to go the do-it-yourself way.

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