The Hindu Lit for Life 2016, south India’s biggest literature festival was held on Jan 15, 16 & 17 at The Hindu Pavillion (Lady Andal School Campus), Chetpet, Chennai, India. Friday, January 15: A Good Book: Literature for Children in India – Anil Menon, Sujata Noronha and Shailaja Menon in conversation with Vidya Mani

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“For a teacher or librarian faced with dozens of books to read, a good book review website is as essential as maps are for geographers.”

Anil Menon - Writer

“Indian children’s books rarely get the kind of publicity they deserve in the popular or social media. Websites like Goodbooks plug the gap by not letting a single Indian children’s book of merit slip through the cracks. Most people would not even know about the books available in the market if not for a resource like this.”


“Book review sites like Goodbooks are a wonderful resource for locating theme-based or issue-based children’s books to enrich the learning experience in the classroom and at home.”

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