by Yamini Vijayan

Over the last year, Pratham Books has published a mix of simple and imaginative fiction and non-fiction books on StoryWeaver – its digital platform that acts as a repository of free, multilingual and openly-licensed children’s stories. On StoryWeaver, you can read, create and translate children’s stories in over 100 languages.

Here’s a list of 12 recent titles that will delight early readers. These books explore themes of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math), domestic animals, as well as the wonderful world of play.


The Pottering Pig
Lalita is the pet pig of Mini Singh the potter. She is a naughty pig and is always in trouble. One day, Mini finds all his beautiful pots broken, and blames Lalita. Find out what happens next in this story inspired from a real-life pig called Lalita.

Farida Plans a Feast
Join Farida as she fills her tiffin box with different items of food, and meet the animal friends she makes along the way.

The Very Wiggly Tooth
Bunu’s loose tooth refuses to come out! Learn how, with a little help from a Himalayan folktale, Bunu loses her tooth.

Chiu’s Power
Chiu sees exciting things that others cannot – flying rockets and fish swimming on the blackboard. Ajji takes Chiu to the eye doctor to find out about her magical powers.

Rainbow Sambar
What should Bhavya and Paati eat today? Bhavya’s favorite dish, of course – rainbow sambar! Join Paati and Bhavya for some colourful and delicious lunchtime fun.

The Little Red String
Nani has just finished knitting a cap for a special visitor. Moni and Viru find that the leftover red string is the most useful thing in the house. A wordless book about families and play.

Goby’s Noisy Best Friend
Legless Goby and noisy Snap are best friends who live together in a burrow deep under the ocean. What happens when Goby gets tired of Snap’s loud claws?

Look Up!
Birds and bats. Kites and planes. How often do you explore the incredible world above us? Get ready to spot the odd ones out in this wonderful book of patterns.

Telephones – Bell to Cell
When Alexander Graham Bell first invented the phone, there were only two in the entire town! Now, nearly everyone has a cell phone. Flip through this book and find out how the telephone evolved – from Bell to cell.

Fly in Space
Two fruit flies are born on earth and raised in space.

How Heavy is Heavy?
A stone is heavier than a feather and lighter than a rock. So is the stone heavy, or is it light? Can we know for sure how heavy (or light) a stone is? Find answers to these and other fascinating questions in this fun book about weight.

Anna’s Extraordinary Experiments With Weather
Anna Mani was an Indian scientist who loved to read about the world around her. Peek into her eighth birthday party and follow her through her extraordinary scientific adventures.

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