We’ve been talking of Indian kid-lit coming of age for the past decade. Surely it’s time for it to at least become a young adult? Karthik Shankar takes a closer look and finds that while we weren’t looking, it’s been growing up quite well, really. In fact, English children’s literature in India is a rich repository of diversity.

Sexual abuse is without doubt one of the most difficult yet among the most important conversations one needs to have with children. Fortunately, there are dozens of great books that help with approaching the subject, one of them being Scholastic’s picture book No Touch. Jaya Bhattacharji Rose elaborates.

It’s no rocket science that open, honest communication is the key to raising well-adjusted kids. This means not just talking to them about abuse, but also about sex and sexuality. Stats show that non-judgemental relationship and sex education is directly proportional to a drop in teenage pregnancy rates (read this report from the Guardian, for instance). To start the conversation with the kids in your life, whether toddlers or teens, check out this list.

In these troubled times of intolerance and inequity, it’s more important than ever to raise feminist kids. What better way to go about it than take some help from books. Here are five homegrown children’s books that touch upon diversity, feminism and consent.

Is censorship every okay? That’s an inflammatory question, no doubt, one that most of us are tempted to answer with a resounding NO. However, Phil Nel asks: “Can censoring a children’s book remove its prejudices?” We don’t have an answer, but it does seem like a conversation worth having.

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