Not too long ago, if you were looking for news relating to Indian children’s books and publishing, you had to look with a fine-tooth comb in dusty corners of libraries or trawl through obscure websites. Not any more. The kid-lit space in India is brimming with exciting new work these days, making this particular round-up one of the more fun aspects of our work.

There were many probing discussions at the Lit for Life literary festival in Chennai in January 2018, one of these being whether children need to be shielded from “dark truths” in their stories, or whether fiction should reflect reality.

Still in Chennai, the award-winning animator and illustrator Chetan Sharma spoke to the New Indian Express about his work, about being an artist, and about the role of art in telling a story.

Sometimes the best stories are told without any words. Just pick up any old word-less picture book if you don’t believe us. Or better still, check out Bijal Vachharajani’s piece on the endless possibilities in word-less pictures books.

Speaking of pictures, here’s Samidha Gunjal, an artist with an inimitable style, talking about the process of bringing a character to life (the book in question is available on

And to round up, we sneak a look at what the folks at Duckbill recommend as their best YA picks for the month of January.

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