MYTH QUEST SERIES: Jambavan, Nandi and Jatayu

MYTH QUEST SERIES: Jambavan, Nandi and Jatayu

If a book was to be judged by its cover, these books would not fly off the shelves. There seems to be an urge in cover design to parallel some popular media depiction of mythology stories with too much of colour and confusion. The illustrations within the books are however, clean neat, not overly imaginative or different, but support the text at this level adequately.

A distinctive feature of these books is that they provide perspectives to mythological characters which may not be part of common knowledge. In this lies a great value to have children and adults read these little chapter books. You learn something new, you can add it to the store house of what you might know about the character and think about it again.

Another interesting and positive feature of the books is that they have an introduction to the reader, that welcomes her/him into the world of mythology by urging the reader to become a Myth Master. This could be the lure that gets more eyes glued to print and is well worth it.

The end notes about the character are also valuable commentary that adds value to character construction for the reader and implicitly informs that there is more to the myths and how they are part of culture and life India.

Myth Quest are a refreshingly well edited, carefully written set of books constructed aptly for the older reader who is emerging into longer texts and the content is carefully chosen to inform entertain and tell stories in a timeless way.

By Sujata Noronha

Myth Quest:

ISBN: 978-93-5009-286-6

ISBN: 978-93-5009-285-9

ISBN: 978-93-5009-284-2

Retold: Anu Kumar
Illustrator: Maya Magical Studios
Pages: 50
Price: Rs. 99.00
Publisher: Hachette India, 2011
Subject category: Mythology/Series
Age group: 6+

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